Recap of 2022 & My New Year’s Resolutions

We’ve come to the end of 2022, which means it’s time for my favorite ritual!😍 On every New Year’s Eve, I review the year, think about the goals I want to set for myself in the new year, focus on what I want to change and what I want to continue, and prepare a list for myself. This ritual makes me feel very motivated and happy to start a new year, and when my dreams are put down on paper, they are no longer a dream but a plan! I try to set realistic goals for myself for that year, and when I achieve them during the year, ticking my list is extremely satisfying. In this post I want to briefly recap 2022 and show you what I was able to tick, the lessons I learnt this year, and later on I want to share my 2023 resolutions with you.🥰

2022 was a productive nice year for me. I invested in myself, my YouTube channel grew, I worked hard, but I had great vacations, too. Of course, while happy things were happening, there were also some unpleasant incidents, but in the end, everything went well.🥰

My focus: YouTube.

I started 2022 with 300K followers on YouTube, now we are half a million!🥺 534K people are exercising with me, sweating in front of their screens and releasing endorphins with me, it’s amazing! Of course, the work I focused on the most this year was YouTube; I filmed 43 videos this year, my videos were clicked a total of 26 million times and were watched 113 million minutes. I also shared weekly workout plans consisting of my videos with you on every week of the year. I am so grateful for my success on YouTube, for your immense support and the love you share with me through your comments. My hard working was definitely rewarded.♡ For 2023, I have amazing ideas for my channel, stay tuned!🥰

My first year with Mars.

The first year in dogs is the most important year. Establishing a strong bond with his human, adapting to the house, learning the commands well etc… Mars is an amazing golden, she had learnt everything right away. But this year our bond really got stronger and we definitely improved our relationship and became a team. She accompanies me wherever I go, I never feel lonely at home, because Mars is a communicative dog and shows her emotions well. I can understand her mood directly. This year, we had our first holiday together and it was just amazing, we went to the beach and Mars learnt swimming. And we celebrated her 1st birthday.

One of my dreams came true: Equestrian.

When I went to Cappadocia this winter, we did a private horseback riding tour. As soon as I returned to Istanbul, I immediately researched horse riding clubs and enrolled in a 10-course training. I have one-to-one lessons, we have done 2 so far. But I must admit that it is not as simple as it seems. The horse has different gaits and the riding technique varies in all of them. Sitting high, performing the technique correctly, squeezing the legs, maintaining balance, standing upright; It’s pretty hard when it all comes together. For now, my inner thighs and arms are sore after every lesson, but I’ll get used to it!😄 In 2023, my focus seems to be riding.🥰

2022 taught me…

This year I learnt that health is the most important thing. My body started to show an allergic reaction that appeared suddenly and for no apparent reason. I had so many allergy tests done and nothing came up. This was repeated many times in the first half of the year and this process was really exhausting. Not knowing a certain reason is terrible, and it’s even worse if it’s affecting your whole day. Then, this situation stopped suddenly, interestingly, it did not repeat for months, thank goodness. This year I learnt to be even more grateful for my health… and the health of my loved ones. My father had a serious health issue which scared us a lot. Luckily we got over it too and now he’s better than before, he just needs to pay more attention on himself and slow down a little.🥰 The greatest luxury is to be able to breathe freely, to move our arms and legs comfortably, to feel vigorous and to be full of life energy. There is nothing more important than that, we need to remind ourselves often.

I was able to live my future life for 10 days.

I will never forget the time I spent in the first house I rented in Fethiye this summer. It was our first vacation with Mars, so it was very special, and I had never seen Mars so happy. It was a dream house, the garden was large, just for Mars. Doing my workout in that garden in the morning, going out with Mars to buy fresh organic fruits, vegetables and eggs for breakfast, having breakfast by the pool, playing with Mars all day, then jumping in the car to go to the sea, reading a good book, sunbathing… ahh so dreamy. My future house will be something like that (hopefully with an ocean view🙈).

2022 favorites…


• Fethiye: MüstakilVillam
• Cappadocia: Museum Hotel
• Kaş: Hotel Cachet
• Alaçatı: Ala Otel
• Düsseldorf


• Hot air balloon ride
• Horseback riding
• Working out♡
• Long beach walks with Mars
• Diving
• Cooking


Caudalie (my new love for skincare♡)
Lip oils
Chanel Baume Essentiel Highlighter😍


Chris Brown – Under The Influence. I loved this one.

The Venice Connection – The Time of Our Lives. If 2022 were a song, for me, it would be this one.

Michele Morrone – Dark Room. This one is really hyping my mood.😄

Online Courses

• Stanford University – Rebuilding Our Relationship With Food

• McMaster University – Hacking Exercise For Health

• University of Colorado Boulder – Science of Exercise

• Yale University – Health Behavior Change: From Evidence to Action


Some financial investments:
My car
My company

Made in myself:
• Equestrian🐴😍
• Online courses
• Exercising

My ‘2022 Goals’ which I was able to tick:

☑︎ Working hard.
☑︎ Focussing on my YouTube channel & sharing weekly workout plans.
☑︎ Dog training.
☑︎ Posting 1 YouTube video per week.
☑︎ Sharing weekly workout plans.
☑︎ Working out 5 times a week.
☑︎ Eating healthy.
☑︎ Drinking plenty of water and herbal teas.
☑︎ Being good to myself, feeling happy.
☑︎ Sustainable and eco-friendly life.
☑︎ Taking an Instagram break once in a while.
☑︎ Using my acupressure mat 2-3 times a week, massaging myself.
☑︎ Long walk with Mars in a different place once a week.
☑︎ Trying out a new sport as a hobby.
☑︎ Being more controlled and consistent over my emotions.
☑︎ Get laser hair removal done.
☑︎ Declutter regularly.
☑︎ Growth of my follower base.♡
☑︎ 1 good investment.
☑︎ Traveling abroad.

☑︎ You don’t need motivation, if you have discipline.
☑︎ I am too busy with fulfilling my dreams and don’t have time to be lazy.
☑︎ I don’t need approval.
☑︎ Hateful comments/messages on social media don’t affect me.
☑︎ I don’t wait until the conditions are perfect, I just start with what I have!
☑︎ I say ‘no’ more often. Because my ‘yes’s are clear.
☑︎ At the end of 2022, I will be a better version of myself.♡

Of course, there were some goals I couldn’t accomplish from my list, but I was able to tick most of them, and that’s the important thing. So 2022 has been productive for me. In the new year, my goal will be again to tick the most of my goals.🥰

  • MY FOCUS OF 2023:
    ☐ Sharing YouTube videos + weekly workout plans.
    ☐ I want to create my own brand. I already have an idea, I’m gonna work on it.
    ☐ My equestrian training.

  • WORK:
    ☐ Share 1 YouTube video per week.
    ☐ Share weekly workout plans.
    ☐ My company
    ☐ Secret project A
    ☐ Secret project K

    ☐ Work out 5 days per week.
    ☐ Have a healthy diet.
    ☐ Drink plenty of water and herbal teas.
    ☐ Take my vitamin supplements and probiotics regularly.
    ☐ Live eco-friendly: minimize trash, maximize recycling.
    ☐ Stretch every single day.
    ➜ ☐ Get my splits
    ➜ ☐ Be able to flex my spine in Cobra pose even more
    ☐ Go to bed before midnight & get my 8 hour sleep.
    ☐ Take Instagram breaks once in a while.
    ☐ Use my acupressure mat once a week.
    ☐ Use the sauna at least twice per month.

    ☐ Pass the exam of the federation & get my equestrian license.
    ☐ Continue with my ballet class.
    ☐ Complete 1 online course monthly.
    ☐ Minimize unnecessary shopping & sell/donate clothes I don’t wear anymore.
    ☐ Read/listen 10 books/audiobooks.
    ☐ Do a dopamine detox once in a while to increase brain performance.
    ☐ Discover new restaurants & try out different cuisines/dishes.

    ☐ Complete my laser hair removal.
    ☐ Put on a purifying mask on my skin once a week.
    ☐ Massage my face and body regularly.
    ☐ Use clean, non-toxic cosmetics.

  • 2023 WISHES:
    ☐ I hope that my social media family grows more and more.♡
    ☐ Make 1 smart financial investment + 1 cool investment in myself.
    ☐ A weekend trip to Paris (or any other nice city) with mom♡
    ☐ Scuba-diving
    ☐ Horseback riding in Cappadocia
    ☐ Maybe creating a podcast?
    ☐ Van life road trip

    ☐ I don’t need motivation, if I have discipline.
    ☐ My decisions reflect my hopes and dreams, not my fears. Always my motto.
    ☐ I do not exaggerate the negativities that are not in my control.
    ☐ Hard work beats talent.
    ☐ I am too busy with fulfilling my dreams and don’t have time to be lazy.
    ☐ Being prepared beats luck. I will improve myself in every aspect and be prepared to use opportunities wisely when they come my way.
    ☐ I say ‘no’ more often. Because my ‘yes’s are clear.
    ☐ Life is based on balance, so bad incidents are bound to be balanced. Everything passes, so move on.
    ☐ I’m gonna be a better version of myself by the end of 2023!♡

What are your goals and plans for 2023? I would be very happy if you tell me your new year’s resolutions and the lessons 2022 taught you, down below in the comment section. A deep thank you for supporting me in 2022 and your amazing messages throughout the whole year! I’d be more than happy if I was able to fill the sports part of your life!🥰

I wish you and your beloved ones a wonderful year full of health, peace, happiness, success, love and opportunities. I hope everything turns out much better in 2023 than you could ever imagine. My wish for humanity is more tolerance, respect and animal love.♡

Happy new year!
xx Eylem ♡

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