Born in 1993 in Germany, I – Eylem Abaci – have lived in the most beautiful city of the world for the last two years: Istanbul.

The idea to start a blog first surfaced in 2014 while studying at the faculty of law, when I began to write down private reflections on events in my life, and gradually collated these texts into a kind of ongoing diary. So I created my first blog which started my journey as an influencer.

My biggest ambition is to travel
and collect memories all over the world.

I never stopped writing about my thoughts, and over the years I also developed a profound passion for photography and digital media. So I switched my personal Instagram account to public and began to share my life, my travels, my thoughts and most special moments with you.

I also love sports and healthy food, so I am creating my own workouts on Youtube and share with you all my experiences based on a healthy lifestyle and my fitness routines on Instagram stories. There are some random advices every day. 🙂

I love to express myself creatively on my social media channels and my blog. Using these different platforms, I take my readers, followers and friends along on trips to distant corners of the world, or offer them glimpses behind the scenes of the beauty and fashion world through my personal, sometimes polarizing lens.

With time, my hobby became my job. I set up my own digital media company and became self-employed. I really love my job as an influencer because of its diversity and the fact of being my own boss. Working with brands as their content creator and ambassador, improves my creativity. Currently I am working on my fitness career and create workouts on Youtube. Hope you like them!

And there is another thing I desire: the ocean. But let’s talk about it in another post. 🙂

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