Chapter #1: January

Today I am starting a new series on my blog which I am going to update every month: Chapters! These posts will be like a recap of each month, summarizing what I did, my thoughts, the products I loved to use, movies I watched etc. It’s kind of the posts I used to publish as “my favorites”. Instagram does not provide enough space for me to publish my thoughts and thanks to this series, you will be able to follow my life and the things that keep me busy month by month, and you will have the opportunity to get to know me and the things I love a little closer. I wish you a pleasant reading! 🙂

What happened this month?
New year, new excitements! Can you believe that the first month of the year is almost over? January is always the month for purification for me. It’s like beginning a new chapter and starting to write on a clean white paper. These days I start to work on my new year’s resolutions and the goals I have set for myself. However, this year, January has been a little different than the previous years. I had a surgery on 13th of January. I am probably going to talk about the details later in a separate post, but the first half of January passed with excitement and anxiety because of the surgery. For my recovery, I am spending the second half of the month at home watching Netflix or going for short walks by the wonderful Bosphorus. You can assume that it was kinda mental phase for me where I spent a lot of time with myself, turned into myself, thought and rested, and it was much needed. 🙂

Claiming to know a person very well… Do we know ourselves to be able to claim to know another person well? For example, I am a person who changes her decisions quickly. Because I am open for anything, I am never bound to an idea. Does this make me a fickle person? That’s why I thought that I was an imbalanced person for a long time. But actually I am not. I know very well what I don’t want. I think knowing what you don’t want is certainly more important than knowing what you want. This month, I found myself often asking the question “What do I really not want?” While answering this question, I realized how accurate some of the decisions I made were, and that I had to make new decisions on some issues.

Back to the point; getting to know someone – even after many years, we don’t know anyone as they are. I thought a lot about our disappointments and frustrations about persons. The reason is actually very simple; our personal comment. Our point of view. The other person does not need to play you, maybe he is acting as he is, doing something or saying, but all this is subject to our own interpretation. We perceive even the smallest thing as unfairness and disrespect towards ourselves, and take the acts the person does personal. Is this our ego? Everyone is responsible for what he / she has done. It is not unfair to you that someone you think you have known for years has done something that you cannot carry. It was only in contradiction with your interpretation of his personality. As long as you know what you don’t want in your life, you already know what to do.

If your personality had a soundtrack, which song would that be? Have you ever thought about it? Have you ever felt like you meet yourself while listening to a certain song? I have. There is a song I always listen to when I am taking important decisions, when I want to turn into myself, when I start something that is important to me, when I need inspiration; this is actually a song I listen to over and over again in every special moment and fill the song with memories and thoughts. This song is one of the most precious things for me. Actually I thought a lot about whether to should share it here, but this platform is also a personal thing of mine, so I am going to share it; the 10 minute version of  Michael Kiwanuka – Cold Little Heart. Feel free to get to know Eylem’s inner world for 10 minutes.

• Atiye The Gift | Big recommendation!
• You (Season #2) | Was okay, liked the first season much more.
• Ares | What did I watch? 👀
• Don’t F**k With Cats | Amazing documentary!

Changes at home!

Recently, I was out for shopping with my mom when I found this wonderful rug at Yargıcı store. It was love at first sight! I had a grey carpet before, but this one looks so boho and absolutely changes the whole atmosphere of my living room! Big love!

Scent of the month…

I never change my fragrance. For years I am wearing the same scent and I love it. Fortunately, I have never met a person wearing the same scent. That’s why I also never let anyone know which fragrance I am wearing – top secret 😛 .

But recently, I was invited to the launch of Lancôme‘s new fragrance Idôle. It has a pure and clean scent. I really like it and have worn it really often this month – even as a person who never changes her scent!

New year means also a new planner. Last year I also used the planner of Chapters. This year they surprised me with a new planner as a gift – it made me soo happy! This planner is a personalized one; my initials are stamped on the cover. I use my planner also as a diary and record important things in it. 🙂

Moisture surge for my lips…
Cold weather, surgery, anaesthesia – these were the reason for my dry and chapped lips recently. But in these cases, I have a secret weapon: Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Lip Protectant! It’s my favorite balm when it comes to skin dryness. I also have the tube version of the 8 Hour Cream and it’s amazing! It intensively moisturizes the skin and repairs the lips within a very short time. Big recommendation!

That’s it for now guys. I hope you liked the first post of this series.
Tell me in the comments down below about how your January has been so far. 🙂

Kisses and hugs!

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  1. Sena says:

    “Dinledim” kısmını okurken hiç düşünmeden ‘benim için cold little heart’ dedim ve seninde aynısını yazdığını görünce 2 dakika bir şok yaşadım. Bu bir işaret mi acaba, ne hoş bir tesadüf. Şimdi seni daha iyi anlıyorum 🙂
    Senelerdir seni takip eden bir takipçin olarak yeniden yorum yapmak istedim. Çok güzel bir yazı olmuş!

    1. Merhaba sevgili Sena,
      yorumun beni çok mutlu etti. Şarkılarda rastlaşmak hoş bir tesadüf! 🤍

  2. Böyle serilere bayılıyorum! Yine çok keyif alarak okudum ve çok geçmiş olsun Eylem, en kısa sürede sağlığına kavuşmanı dilerim. Çok sevgiler 🙂

  3. feyza says:

    Merhaba takip ettiğiniz ve tavsiye ettiğiniz yerli yada yabancı youtuber,blogger yada influencerlar varmı?

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