Bye bye 2023, Hello 2024!

I can’t believe we have come to the end of another year, how quickly it went by?! 😳 For me it was a very full and productive year. Of course, you are always with me on my journey, and like the past years I shared every moment with you also this year. Now it’s time to recap 2023. In the last day of the year, as every year, I turned within myself, browsed through my gallery on my phone, and summarized 2023 with the memories I made (I shared it on Instagram if you want to check it out🥰). Let me briefly summarize 2023, see what I was able to tick, what this year taught me, and then tell you about my 2024 goals.❤️

2023 recap:

☑︎ I’m ending the year with 683,000 subscribers and 34 new videos on YouTube; my audience continued to grow this year and my videos were watched a total of 22 million times. I am proud of all my followers who exercise regularly with my videos and show the discipline and self-confidence!

☑︎ I got my equestrian license! The biggest goal I set for myself this year was to take the exam of the Turkish Equestrian Federation and get the license, and I succeeded. I thoroughly enjoyed this ‘licensed equestrian’ identity that I had newly acquired for myself; I often went out with my horse, galloped and enjoyed nature with this great feeling of adrenaline. I also participated in my first endurance race. Of course, I will continue riding in 2024!

☑︎ I got my yacht license this year, now I’m kind of my own captain. I am allowed to use all non-commercial boats up to 24 meters in length. This summer I was our captain at our yacht holiday in Göcek.🥰⚓️

☑︎ In this sense, it brought a new breath to my summer holidays; yacht holiday. I totally enjoyed the sea.🛥 I’m looking forward to summer coming again, I got my license but of course I need to gain more experience.😄

☑︎ I visited 2 countries that I have never been to before! 🌎 My Mexico holiday was the highlight of the year; I visited Tulum, Cancun, Valladolid and Chichen-Itza. Truly dreamy places. We had a girls trip with my best friend. Of course, it was a bit of a brave decision to go to Mexico as two girls (since it was considered a dangerous place), but we did not experience any negative effects. This year I also had a holiday in Spain, I went to Barcelona. This was another European city I fell in love with.

☑︎ My proudest project this year was our ‘100th Anniversary of the Republic’ commercial. Our film went to the Global Fashion Film Festival held in various cities of the world and will be screened in 2024. It was a very different feeling to watch myself on the big screen in the huge hall. It was a great honor for me to take part in such a project.

☑︎ I said goodbye to my 20s and celebrated my 30th birthday this year. If you ask what has changed; I feel like there was a switch at 30. It’s only been 3 months since I turned 30, but I feel the different energy it has. After my birthday, I received more compliments and feedback than I have ever received (especially from women). I guess I can describe the 30 energy as ‘the more self-confident, more self-controlled and sexy state of youth’, I really like and enjoy this energy.

☑︎ This summer, I became a member of the tennis club and took private tennis lessons from a very good coach. I love all forms of sports, I loved this one too. It is a hobby that I will definitely continue.

☑︎ And of course, I spent endless happy moments with Mars, Maya and Zen. I love them to the moon and back, my babies.🐶🐱🐱

2023 taught me:

I have become very clear about one thing, and that is that ‘worry’ is negative prayer. When we worry, our mind lists various possibilities that may occur in an event, and not only that, it writes the worst scenario and leads us disconnecting from the moment. We constantly repeat this bad scenario in our minds, we get lost in an illusion. We do this especially when there is a big change in our lives. When we focus on the bad, we become detached from the moment, close ourselves off to the beauty it can bring, and become ‘unattainable’. What can find us in this situation? Beauty? No, we just find what we’re worried about. Because we focused on it, we called it. If beauties and opportunities come, we won’t even notice them. It was as if we prayed negatively. For example, you broke up with your partner and your long-term relationship ended. You are in a lot of pain, you keep thinking about what your life will be like from now on, that partner, that supporter that you are used to having with you at every moment is no longer there. You know, like the feeling of being all alone in the middle of life. After a while, you try to suppress that loneliness, for example, you go out to dinner with someone else. He is a nice person, you get along very well, but when you return home, those first doubts begin; he will not be like him, what if he does wrong to me, what if he is a very bad person, what if his mind is on someone else, what if he likes me or not, what if he always disturbs me, what if he never calls me? A thousand different scenarios. Let me tell you what happens next, the “running away” begins. You immediately escape the situation because you think that this way you will eliminate all worries. Maybe you walk away with a message, maybe without saying anything like ghosting. What happened now? Without even having to realize your concerns, you will have passively reached that negative outcome, closed yourself off from the beauties that can be experienced, and actually experienced what you are afraid of – being alone. If you can’t leave that job you dislike every day just because you worry about not being able to find another job and you torture yourself, you won’t be able to find a new job anyway. If you want to travel somewhere but worry that something will happen to you and create all kinds of negative scenarios, you won’t be able to make that trip anyway, you won’t be able to expand your horizons, you won’t be able to experience unique moments that you won’t forget throughout your life, you won’t be able to meet those wonderful people you will cross paths with. You are not living anyway, because by doing this, your fears rule you , not your dreams.

99% of our problems are just tricks our brain plays on us, they are not actually real. We must realize this; what we call anxiety is not a concrete situation, none of the negativities we think of have occurred. 99% of our problems are just tricks our brain plays on us, they are not actually real. We must realize this; What we call anxiety is not a concrete situation, none of the negativities we think of have occurred. Can he come? Yes, there are always possibilities. But that is not the only possibility; after all, there is also the possibility of getting better. Therefore, if there is no concrete problem, we should not be distracted from the moment by focusing only on concerns. You solve the negativity if it happens to you, why bother when there is no such thing yet? The important thing is to stay in the moment, to feel life, not in yesterday, not in tomorrow, but in today, living today. And there is always risk, and those who do not take risks should not say they are alive. While you were reading these sentences, I clicked a button in your brain, did you feel it? ✨ Why bother when there is no such thing yet? The important thing is to stay in the moment, to feel life, to live today, not in yesterday, not in tomorrow – today! And there is always risk, and those who do not take risks should not say they are alive. While you were reading these sentences, I clicked a button in your brain, did you feel it? ✨

My 2024 goals:

  • INS:
    ☐ Sharing YouTube videos + weekly workout plans.
    ☐ Create more reels and focus on my social media accounts.
    ☐ Create my brand.

    ☐ Travel a lot and visit 2 new countries.
    ☐ Unlock a new key in horseback riding: show jumping.
    ☐ Continue with tennis.
    ☐ Do more paintings.
    ☐ Take part in 10K & 15K marathons.

    Health / Beauty:
    ☐ Work out 5 days per week.
    ☐ Have a healthy diet.
    ☐ Meditate.
    ☐ Sleep 8h a day.
    ☐ Drink plenty of water and herbal teas.
    ☐ 10K steps.
    ☐ Stretch every day.
    ☐ Use my acupressure mat regularly.
    ☐ Do regular breath exercises and strengthen my lungs.
    ☐ Skin care & hair care.
    ☐ Massage my face and body regularly.

    Self Growth:
    ☐ Complete 1 online course monthly.
    ☐ Read/listen 10 books/audiobooks.
    ☐ 1 cool investment in myself.
    ☐ Be more self-controlled.
    ☐ Better time management.

  • OUTS:
    ☐ No phone first in the morning.
    ☐ Negative self talk / overthinking.
    ☐ Feel bad about things that are not under my control.
    ☐ Perfectionism.
    ☐ Spend money on things I actually don’t need.
    ☐ Procrastinating.

So, what are your plans for 2024 and the goals you set for yourself? I would be very happy if you leave it as a comment, I would also like to read your goals. Finally, I would like to thank you from my heart for taking part in my journey in 2023 and for always sharing your love and support with me! It’s amazing to know that I can inspire you guys with my own life and mindset.

I wish everyone a wonderful year full of health, peace, happiness, success and love. I hope you can realize your goals in 2024 and make your dreams come true.♡

See you with the same excitement in 2024! Happy new year!

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(2) Comments

  1. Menekşe' says:

    Tıkladığın tuş fazlasıyla hissedildi, yeni yıl hedeflerimi güncelleyeceğim şimdi.✨
    Bu sene bana, bize kattığın her bilgi her güzellik için teşekkür ederim. Yolculuğuna eşlik edebildiğim için çok şanslıyım. İyi ki tanımışım bu güzel kalpli insanı, seni tahmin ettiğinden de fazla seviyorum.♡
    Yeni yıl dileklerin hepimiz için gerçekleşsin, her şey hayallerimizden de güzel olsun. Musmutlu senelerrrr!♡

  2. Tuğsem says:

    2023 çok karmaşıktı ve istediklerime ulaşsam da 100/100 memnun olacağım şekilde ulaşabildiğim bir yıl değildi. Bir yerden sonra en büyük hatamı yaptım zaten…hedef koymaktan vazgeçtim, “Ne fark eder ki, bir hayalkırıklığına daha gerek var mı?” diye düşünmeye başladım. En azından elimdekileri kaybetmemeye ve aynı seviyede tutmaya çalıştım. Evet, bu son hareketle biraz hatamın ucundan yırttım gibi oldu ancak yine de baştan pes etmemeyi dilerdim. Bu yüzden 2024’te aynı şeyi yapmayacağım. Hobiye çevirir miyim bilmesem de denemeyi planladığım çok fazla şey var. Kilden minik heykelcikler, mumluklar, tütsülükler ve pinterestte gördüğüm nice şeyi yapmaya başlamak istiyorum. Ben de resim çiziyorum ancak genel olarak karakalem, bu yıl akrilik veya sulu boyaya da bir şans vermeyi düşünüyorum. 20 yaşına yeni bastım, yolun başındayım ve gecikmeden ehliyeti de aradan çıkarmak istiyorum. Poligon’a gitmek de eğlenceli olabileceğini düşündüğüm planlarım arasında. Aynı şekilde sizin sayenizde aklıma giren binicilik…
    Daha birçok denemeyi planlayıp sonrasında sevip sevmememe göre devam etme kararı alacağım aktivite yazdım bir kenara ancak hepsini burada beyan etmeyeyim. Sadece en çok gerçekleştirmeyi istediğim: yalnız başıma mutlu olabilmeyi başarmak. Kendimle vakit geçirmeyi sevsem de genel anlamda insanlardan enerji toplayan biriyim ve bu artık hem bir bağımlılık haline gelmeye hem de “yalnızlık” düşüncesinin bana uykusuz geceler yaşatmasına neden olmaya başladı. Çok fazla insanın enerji vermesinin yanında verdiklerinden çok daha fazla enerji sömürmesinden bahsetmiyorum bile… bunu değiştirmek istiyorum. En azından kendi başıma sinemaya, bir kafeye gidebilmeye belki çevre illerden birinde 2-3 günlük bir geziye çıkmayı istiyorum. Umarım yapabilirim :)) hepimiz için güzel bir yıl olması dileğiyle.. bana seni ilk takip etmeye başladığım günden beri ilham kaynağı olduğun teşekkür ederim <3
    Bu yıl da düzenli olarak beraber spor yapmaya devam!

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