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Recently, I wanted you to send me a few questions on Instagram for a girls talk. And wow, there were a lot! In this post, I put some of the most frequently asked ones together and answered 10 topics. Grab yourself a coffee or tea and let’s start with our girlyyyy talk. 🙂

It seems like you have a perfect life, is it really perfect? Are you happy with your life and do you have down moments?

In general I am happy and energetic. But this does not mean that my life is perfect though. Social media is a place where all the happy moments are collected at. When I don’t feel like it, I mostly don’t post anything about. I don’t even think about Instagram in sad moments. But I can say that I am a happy kind person. Of course life is not easy and obstacles often cross our way. But I learnt to manage all those kinds of stuff. My mood is based on my inner peace and happiness, not on any events occurring. So it is important that you CHOOSE happiness instead of feeling miserable all day. If anything goes wrong, just let it go. You can fix it. Maybe it was supposed to happen and you have to take your lessons out of it and move on.

How do you handle menstrual cramps? Do you still work out?

Sooo many of you send me a message that you undergo strong cramps during your menstruation. In puberty I got cramps too, but now my menstruation week passes nearly without any problems. I think doing sports and stretching regularly helped a lot. Especially hip flexor stretches are life-savers during the period. My stretching video would definitely help to handle those cramps. If you don’t feel like doing sports during menstruation, you can go for a walk or take a warm shower. These will help also.

What do you think about marrying?

Hmm, during this time of my life I don’t really think about marrying. I have still sooo many plans and would rather concentrate myself on my personal progress and my life. Of course a marriage wouldn’t prevent me from realizing all my dreams, but it still needs effort and would cost a lot of time. And currently I would rather like to put all my effort, energy and time into myself; growing myself and realizing myself. But of course I am not against marrying. Maybe it happens later. It is a big step and I would love to go this step with someone I really adore. It takes time.

How do you remove unwanted hair? Did you get a laser epilation?

No, I have never done a laser epilation, but I definitely would like to give it a try. Currently I am removing unwanted hair with an epilator or a shaver. Mostly I am shaving (it hurts less). 😀

Did you ever get a heartbreak? How did you get over it?

Of course. The first time I had my heart broken was in college. A heartbreak feels super sad, particularly if you have spent so much time and shared everything with that person. So it is normal to feel bad for 1-2 weeks. Give yourself time to recover, but afterwards you should stand up and move on. Appreciate the beautiful time you spent with that person and take the lessons out of this relationship. Everything happens for a reason and maybe it was supposed to end that way. Just let it go and free the energy for something more beautiful. 🙂

I am 15 and you are my idol. What would you recommend to a teenager for growing up to a strong woman?

I reaaaally love to read all your messages. Thank you a lot!

To all of my younger followers…
Even if you have so many supportive people around you, live like you are standing alone. You have to be strong and powerful in life to go along your own way and build up a great life. Study, work hard, strive for your dreams and try to realize yourself. Economic freedom is the fact which will define your life. So work hard for it and don’t forget to grow and invest in yourself, too. A day has 24 hours. If we sleep 8 hours, there are 16 hours left for us to spend! Spend it right. Try out new things, travel, connect with inspirational people, create, invest in yourself. Every day is a new chance to become a better version of yourself, so take the chance. You can start now by believing in yourself!

Have you ever regretted a relationship or had a toxic one?

No, I have regretted none of my relationships. Generally I don’t regret anything, because at that particular time my actions were exactly what I wanted. Even if my thoughts change over time, I don’t think that it is necessary to regret anything. One should only take lessons out of it and move on. Nevertheless I had one toxic relationship in the past. At the beginning everything was beautiful, but time flies and people change: our thoughts, point of view, interests, the most general things changed and that’s okay. But for us, it was not possible anymore to understand each other. It just felt so wrong for both of us. At that point, our relationship was super strenuous and became more and more toxic. So we decided to break up. Everything is an experience.

Have you ever made the first step to someone you liked? Or do you expect it from the man?

Yes, if I like someone I definitely would go for it and make the first step. Why should I wait until the man chooses me? A woman should be able to make choices, too. 🙂

Is there anything you would not forgive in a relationship?

Hmm, that’s a tricky question. It really depends on the circumstances and the action which is occurring. But things that are hard or maybe impossible for me to forgive are: cheating, telling lies, exposing or humiliating me in front of others or showing any kind of disrespect. Those are no gos.

Do you have many girl friends? How does your relationship to your best friends look like?

Women should empower women. That’s a fact. I can’t stand girls who always become jealous or never show any support. I have many girl friends, but only 2 of them are the closest. We ALWAYS support each other, no matter what, we are always there for one another. We empower us, make us stronger, we are proud of our successes, we laugh together and we cry together. We as women should stop judging over other women and start empowering each other. Let’s show the GIRL POWER!

So tell me in the comments down below what you think about the particular topics. Of course you can also ask anything anonymously if you need to. I’m curious about your opinions.


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  1. Öznur ertunç says:

    Yine mükemmel, yine içten, yine sorugulayıcı ve en önemlisi öğretici bir yazı olmuş tebrik ederim, iyi ki varsın🤍

  2. Öznur says:

    Yine mükemmel, yine içten, yine sorugulayıcı ve en önemlisi öğretici bir yazı olmuş tebrik ederim, iyi ki varsın🤍

  3. Şüheda says:

    Çok güzel çok içten harika bi sohbet ❤️😍
    (Linke basınca sadece Trendyol ana sayfa açılıyor ürünleri göremedim 🙂 )

  4. Merve Şenol says:

    Yaptığın her iş,elinin değdiği her yer, her yazı güzel..Destekçilerin her daim seninle🙏🏼💛

  5. Beyza says:

    Regl için ben de her zaman çikolatanın gücüne inanıyorum 🙂 Belki sizlere de yardımcı olabilir. Spor denememiştim ama bu ay da onu denemekte fayda var. 😄

  6. Rabia Yildiz says:

    Ellerine sağlık çok güzel yazmışsın ♥️

    1. yağmur says:

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    Ben de kız arkadaş meselelerinden ciddi sıkıntılar çektim. O yüzden, bir insan kolay kolay yakın arkadaş statüsüne alınmamalı, sonra boş yere psikolojimiz zedeleniyor.
    Eline kalemine sağlık Eylem💖

  8. Aslıhan says:

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  9. Esra says:

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  10. ipek says:

    Artık seni gerçekten öz ablammış gibi görmeye başladım.. 6. maddede o kadar hırslandım ve kendimin farkına vardım ki sana anlatamam abla. <3
    İyiki karşıma çıkmışsınnn, love youuuu !

  11. Sude says:

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    Teşekkür ederim
    Seni seviyoruzzzzz ❣️❣️

  12. İdil says:

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  13. Ceyda says:

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  14. Sevilay says:

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  16. Sibel says:

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  36. Gaye says:


  37. Gamze Büyük says:

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  38. TUĞÇE KARLI says:

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