My Skin Care Routine

Here I am with my skin care routine. In this post, I want to share all my tips about skin care, the products I use for cleansing and hydrating and the way I treat my skin properly. Enjoy. 🙂

My Skin Type & Quick Tips

My Skin Type

I have a combination skin. My T-zone is oily and tends to blackheads, while my cheeks are normal. But I found some good products which helped me a lot to get rid of large and clogged pores and to get the sebum under control. My skin is currently at its best form: it feels soft and hydrated and has a healthy glow. Of course I will share all my tips with you. 🙂

Anti-aging is another factor. My dermatologist once said that it would be great to start with anti-aging products at the 20’s. It would be easier to prevent wrinkles and spots, than to treat them after they become visible. I am 27 right now and I think my skin needs a little bit more attention. So I took her words serious and try to treat my skin right to prevent aging, or at least to reduce it.


• Drink min. 2 liters water per day and eat healthy.
Our skin is a reflection of our nutrition. So you reflect what you eat.
• Always clean your make-up before going to bed.
• Change your towels and linens often.
• Use non-comedogenic products.
• Sleep yourself beautiful. 🙂
• Use sunscreen in summer and even in winter!

My favorite products

And now let’s get to the products I looove…


La Roche-Posay: Effaclar (morning/night)
This cleansing gel is my favorite one for oily skin. I use it for years and am super happy with it. It reduces sebum and gives the skin a matte appearance.

ZO Skin Health: Exfoliating Cleanser (alternative)
This one is also a great cleanser. It contains small particles which help to get rid of dead skin flakes. My skin feels super fresh after cleansing it with this gel. I especially love to use it in the shower.

Foreo: Luna Mini 2 (mostly night)
I definitely would recommend Foreo. It helps to get the cleansing session deeper and more proper. My skin gets a healthy glow afterwards.


Bioderma: Sensibio H2O (night)
For removing my make-up I use this micelle solution already for many years.

The Purest Solutions: Exfoliating and Clarifying Toner (night)
In my night routine I use this toner. It contains glycolic acid and AHA+BHA complex which cleanses my skin, tightens my pores and gives my skin a fresh feeling.

Shiseido: Waso Beauty Smart Water (before make-up)
Sometimes I use this 3 in 1 smart water in the morning as a toner. It cleanses, hydrates and primes. So my skin is ready for make-up. 🙂


When it comes to skin care, my favorite part are definitely serums. I own plenty of them and each one targets another skin problem. Let’s see…

Estée Lauder: Advanced Night Repair (night)
My favorite serum is the iconic Advanced Night Repair. I use it before going to bed and in the morning my skin looks soooo fresh as if it has drunk water all night :D. It gives the skin a super soft feeling and a healthy glow. Big love of mine. ♥︎

The Purest Solutions: Niacinamide %5 + Zinc PCA %1 (morning/night)
This one is a dupe to The Ordinary. The serums of The Purest Solutions have clean ingredients what I love most about them. Especially this one is my favorite: It tightens the pores and gives the skin a bright appearance.

The Purest Solutions: Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 (morning)
I don’t prefer hydrating creams that much, so I include rich serums into my routine. This one is the perfect hydration; my skin feels soft and moist afterwards.

The Purest Solutions: Peptide Complex (when needed)
This is an anti-aging serum which helps to treat and prevent wrinkles. I use it only when my skin needs extra care.

SkinCeuticals: Serum 10 (morning)
One of my favorite serums is definitely this one. It contains antioxidants and acids which gives the skin a healthy glow. I already used up all the bottle. Since I have so many other serums in my bathroom, I am not going to rebuy it right now. But I’ll definitely come back to it soon. 🙂

New Essentials: Vitamin C Complex Ultra Glow Serum (when needed)
Vitamin C serums are perfect for tightening pores and reducing spots.

New Essentials: Eyebrow & Eyelash Serum (night)
No description needed I think; this works for my eyebrows and eyelashes best.


Since my skin is not dry, serums are often enough for me. But sometimes my skin needs extra attention, especially in cold winter months. So here are some of my favorite creams:

Shiseido: Waso Giga-Hydrating Rich Cream (very rich formulation)
Bioderma: Sensibio Light (light formulation)
Elizabeth Arden: Eight Hour Cream (veeeery very rich formulation)

Elizabeth Arden: Eight Hour Cream (FAVORITE!!!)
Bioderma: Atoderm Stick

Biotherm: Life Plankton (helps reducing fine wrinkles)


Bioderma: Photoderm Max SPF 50+ Aquafluid (morning)
This one is my favorite sunscreen ever for my face. It doesn’t get oily or has no white appearance on the skin. Also it is non-comedogenic. Perfect for oily skin. I think using sunscreen is the most important fact when it comes to skin care. The main reason for aging are UV rays, so in order to prevent wrinkles and spots, make sure to use sunscreen even in winter months.


The Body Shop: Himalayan Charcoal (once per week)
I love charcoal masks. Especially this one is perfect for purifying and make the skin breathe.

So I hope you liked this post. What are your favorite skin care products? And please tell me in the comments down below about your ultimate skin care tips and maybe you got some home recipes for me? 🙂


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