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  1. Eda says:

    Eylem ablam merhaba, ben 17 yaşındayım. 68 kiloyum. 171 boyundayım. Hangi programa başlıcağımı bilmiyorum. Amacım kilo vermek göbek bölgedeki yağlarımdan kurtulmak, bana hangi videoları önerirsin

    1. Cami says:

      Hi, I don’t understand very well about the training plans and that, and if I choose one of your training plans, will I be able to lose weight and tone the parts I want? Or does it depend on what training plan you take? Can you guide me a little about that please, I am 13 years old and I want to lose weight all over my body but most of all in the arms, legs and abs and I also want to tone them so I will be an example as well as your body, but I do not want to tone my butt can you help me ?? 🥺🥺🥺

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