How to Find Cheap Flights

Hello travel lovers!
If you are reading this right now, I assume traveling the world is one of your biggest dreams. However, it is not the cheapest dream, quite the contrary, it can be really pricey! Especially the flights are often the most expensive part. In the past years I travelled a lot and gained some experience in
finding the cheapest flights. And today I want to share my tips and experiences with you so that you can also travel the world for little money. 🙂

1 – When to book the flight?

Timing is everything. The prices for flights are constantly changing and waiting for a last-minute deal often brings up frustration. Prices increase, because business travelers who are dependent on taking a specific flight are willing to pay much higher prices than budget travelers would. So my tip for you: Don’t book too late, but don’t book too early either! From my research and experience, I can tell you that the prices are the lowest around 6-8 weeks before departure

Another important booking hack is to search for flights during the week, than on weekends. Most of the people usually have more time to book a flight on weekends. That’s why the prices go up. The best day to book a flight may be Tuesday.

The price alert feature at may also help to find the cheapest flight. It informs you via e-mail when prices change. Saves definitely a lot of time!

For example: 7 weeks before departure, I found a flight from Dusseldorf to Milan with return for 40 €.

2 – Be flexible and choose the best time for departure and return.

Doing a trip during the weekend (Friday – Sunday/Monday) is usually much more expensive. I experienced that the best days for departure are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Also try to avoid public holidays and school holidays.

3 – Use search engines and compare!

There are many search engines for flights. I am using because of its many features. Sometimes I am double checking the flight also on other engines. And if I am flexible about my departure and return, I use the “whole month” or “cheapest month” option while searching. Perfect way to compare all the prices during those periods.

4 – Compare different airports!

Often the prices change for each airport. The easiest way to check and find the cheapest flight from a nearby airport is to use Skyscanner’s “add nearby airports” feature. For example: Istanbul has two airports and in most cases there are huge differences in price! 

5 – Never buy one-way tickets!

Always buy your ticket together with return, because buying a one-way ticket will cost you 80% of the price you would pay for a return ticket. If you are not sure about your return, you can book an open return ticket.

6 – Insider tip: Search for flights in private/incognito browser mode.

This may be the ultimate tip for you. Try it and maybe you’ll see a difference. If you are checking a certain flight constantly on regular basis, like every day, then it is possible that the price will increase! Those search engines are collecting your activity and know that you are interested in those flights and they’ll make use of it. But you can trick them, simply by browsing in private or incognito mode, so they won’t track your search. You can also delete your old browser cookies from time to time.

7 – Are cheap deals REALLY cheap?

Low fare airlines often offer really low prices. But keep in mind that those airlines are charging extra costs for almost everything like luggage, seat next to your travelmate, food on board, paying with credit card and so on. So my last advice for you is to look out for those details.

I’m sure that you’ll find great deals for low budget! If you have any other tips which I have not already mentioned, feel free to share them with me down below in the comments.:)

Wish you safe travels!

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  1. Elif says:

    Çok faydalı bir yazı olmuş sevgili Eylem keyifle takip ediyorum🙏🏻❤️

    1. Sevgili Elif,
      begenmene cok sevindim. Diger yazilarda görüsmek üzere! 🙂

      1. Şeyma says:

        Gizli modu nasıl açacağımızı da söyler misin 🤓

  2. Jessica says:

    Hey Eylem,
    Totally glad that you are starting blogging again. Can’t wait to read your posts ❤️
    xx Jessica

    1. Hello Jessica, thank you for your lovely comment. 🙂

      1. Ülkü says:

        Emeğine sağlık çok yararlı oldu teşekkürler.

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