What I am addicted to…

Actually I really don’t like the word “addiction” because of its negative connotation. Most of the people associate it with cigarettes, drugs and alcohol. But of course there are positive and healthy types of addictions, too. And in this post, I want to tell you what I am absolutely addicted to. 🙂

Traveling is my biggest addiction. For me, it is really hard to stay at home for weeks without traveling. So I am always planning new trips or decide to go anywhere spontaneous when I am up to. It is the best way to expand my horizons, because traveling has such an immense impact on my personality and mindset. With each trip and the memories I collect all over the world, I realize how much I change – and I love that feeling!

Yes, I am addicted to hot spices! When I am hungry af, I really crave for spicy food – the hotter the better! I especially love jalapenos (omg pure addiction for me and I could eat them with anything) and chili. My mouth already waters when I think of dishes with jalapenos, yummy!


I am really ashamed to tell that I am addicted to Wifi. It’s nothing to be proud of, but a need for my job of course. When I am not connected to the internet, I really feel uncomfortable and think that everything is getting out of control. Especially poor connection makes me go crazy! 😀


The beach is my absolute happy place and I can never ever get enough of sunny beach days. The warm sand, the ocean and the sun just bring up the best and happiest version of myself and I am enjoying every single minute of it. I associate those beach days with the smell of sunscreen, so it’s also an addiction of mine. 🙂


Oh my god, I am literally freaking out for my cat’s cute paws! She has snow-white baby paws with tiny pink toes which look like jelly beans! I am always feeling a strong desire to kiss and touch them, it’s like therapy for me.
I love you Maya, my little baby girl. 🖤


When you meet me, you’ll most likely see me with black, nude or white nail polish. I love those clean colors and can’t wear anything else (except red sometimes). I kinda feel naked when I am not wearing nail polish. Also my nails are soft and brittle, thus I always try to paint my nails in order to protect them. My current favorite nail polish is Flormar 305 Beige Latte.


I am a real workaholic and I love to be productive and creative. Even when things get complicated and I am so busy that I can’t relax for a while, I am feeling well as long as I can work. It’s definitely a strong need for me, since I absolutely don’t like to chill on the couch all day. Of course, sometimes I need rests, too, but if you love your job, you never can fully relax – quite the contrary, you always feel the urge to work on your business and that fulfills you. 🙂

And what are you addicted to? Leave me a comment, especially it if is a funny one. I am absolutely curious about your addictions. 🙂

xx Eylem

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  1. Beyza says:

    Bir tane kolyem var kendime almıştım kendime o kolye sayesinde değer vermeye başldım denebilir ve 4 senedir takıyorum o kolyeyi takmayinca rahatsız hissediyorum sanki işlerim tolinda gitmicekmis gibi 😆

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