Simple Ways To Feel Better

Life is not always as smooth as we would rather prefer. But feeling unhappy sometimes is totally normal and as natural as feeling happy. If a sad incident crashes your day, you can give yourself some time to “digest” it. BUT – that bad mood and emotions are pretty welcome to pass. I think life is nicer and much more interesting when you are in a good mood. I have build up a healthy mindset and lifestyle for myself in which annoying incidents have no chance to ruin my whole mood. I am pretty distanced to the outside world’s impacts and they usually do not affect my inner peace extremely. My happiness is mainly based on myself, not on the outside world. So if you feel sad just focus on yourself and do what makes you happy. Here are some quick tips which help me a lot to feel better. ♥️

Small, but effective (2-10 minute tips):

First thing in the morning: Drink plenty of water. I never skip to drink water on an empty stomach right after I wake up. This makes my body work well, gives me energy and makes my skin look fresher. I usually drink 2-3 liters of water per day. Super essential!

Open your window, close your eyes and breathe deeply. A simple way to wake up your body and relieve stress. Especially in the morning, the fresh air flow feels super good!

Stretch – even 5 minutes are enough. Sitting a lot and working for too long in “desk position” can cause pain and tension. A short stretching session will make you definitely feel better and reduce stress levels. If you don’t know how to stretch, you can do my 10 MIN STRETCHING or 5 MIN COOL DOWN videos. 🙈♥️

Listen to your favorite song. Here you can find my current favorites, and here I’ve listed some calming classical music. 🙂

Take off your pyjamas and put make-up on. I know it’s comfy to stay all day in pyjamas, but it definitely affects my productivity. When I make myself pretty in the morning, I always feel better and more productive. You can of course wear comfy clothes at home – but not pyjamas please!

Search for “beach sounds” or “rain sounds” on YouTube, close your eyes and listen. This is soooo calming!

Meditate and do some breathe exercises. I don’t meditate that often (what a shame), but at least I try to! I especially love the 4-7-8 breathing technique, it’s like meditation for my soul and body! Breathe in quietly through your nose for 4 seconds, hold the breath for a count of 7 seconds and exhale forcefully through the mouth for 8 seconds. Repeat the cycle for 2 minutes. If you are angry, sad, in panic, do this and you will calm down.♥️

Massage yourself. I love to massage my body and face. It’s a nice routine to release stress levels and increase blood circulation. Massage is not only relaxing, it also helps against cellulites and makes your skin look smoother. I currently also do dry brushing on my legs and do my facial massage with Gua Sha.

Grab a pen and write down your emotions. How do you feel? Why are you feeling like that? Which lessons did you got from that? And what are you grateful for? If it is too hard for you to answer all these questions, think about the things you have in your life and imagine what it would be like if you didn’t have all that. Writing helps a lot to see the important things.

Healthy Lifestyle (10-30 minute tips):

Move and do some workout! I know it is hard to start at first, but after your workout session, good mood is 99.999% guaranteed. And your body deserves that. Let’s do it together: my YouTube channel.♥️

Clean your home and work space. It looks fresher and you’ll definitely be more productive afterwards! I love to work in a clean, tidy atmosphere.

Cook yourself a healthy meal. Happy stomach = happy you. 🙂

Go for a walk. The fresh air and all the impressions outside will change your mood.

Take a shower. Whenever I feel confused or unhappy, I take a cool shower. The shower is a magical place for some reasons – afterwards I always feel much better. 😄

Lay down on your acupressure mat. Read my detailed blog post about this topic here.

Social media break for 2-3 hours. Do something else than starring all day on your phone. Bake some yummy cookies, draw a painting, learn to speak a new language or maybe to play a new musical instrument? There are so many activities you can do at home which will enrich your soul.

If you think that you have nothing to do, do someone else a flavor. Maybe you could help your mom in the kitchen? Or your siblings need help with their homework? Maybe dad would be happy about a warm cup of tea? Being with the ones you love, will boost your mood immediately. ♥️

Power nap. Tired body = bad mood.

Healthy Routines (weekly):

Plan your week and fill your to-do list. So you will always have something to do and focus on your main goals. Being busy also will mute all stupid thoughts crashing your mind.

Meet your friends. I know pandemic and lockdown etc… but thanks God we have video chats. Grab yourself a cup of tea and chat with your best friends. An ultimate mood booster. 🙂

Spend time in the nature and with animals. Immense effects! I am sooo grateful for my 2 cats at home. Whenever I feel sad, they are there for me. The contact to them is amazing and petting them reduces my stress for up to 80%! 🙂

Healthy Routines (monthly):

Declutter, donate or sell all the stuff you don’t use anymore. Less is more and you definitely feel way better when there are no unneeded things around which catches your attention. Stuff you don’t use anymore, starts to use you!

Recap your whole month and see what you have succeeded. Is there anything you have not managed to do? Alright, do it in the next weeks. Each month is a new chance. Take the chance and design a life which is filled with joy and healthy habits.♥️

Hope you had fun while reading this post. I am curious – which of the tips are you following already? And which ones would you like to add to your daily routine? Tell me in the comment down below. I’d be more than happy to read about your tips to feel better.


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